CEO Wynne Nowland Pens an Article for Business Insurance

November 11, 2020

As our CEO Wynne Nowland shares in an article she penned for Business Insurance, “The gender representation of anyone should be a non-event. I think most of us believe that businesspeople should be judged for their performance on the job and their ethics rather than by their gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, skin color, social class, religion or age. Regrettably, though, we also know that frequently isn’t the case.”

Wynne transitioned her gender 3.5 years ago and it was business as usual here at Bradley & Parker. Visit this link to learn more about how Wynne shared her gender transition with employees, board members, customers and vendors, a recount of her first morning waking up as a woman, and the feedback – both positive and negative – she has received since she came out as transgender.