Newsday Publishes Feature Article on CEO Wynne Nowland

November 06, 2020

We’re so proud to share that Newsday Media Group featured CEO Wynne Nowland in a cover story about how she guided Bradley & Parker through her gender transition. If you don’t know by now, Wynne pulled into our Melville, NY office for the first time as a woman 3.5 years ago, and entered wearing a baby blue blouse, heels and a pair of Tiffany earrings that had once belonged to her mother.

Only a handful of people have come out as transgender while leading a company, especially in an industry like insurance that’s often considered staid and traditional. Our boss navigated this unchartered territory through careful planning, which in turn led to creating an authentic workplace that has been able to grow revenues by 20% since 2017.

Thank you to Wynne for continuing to share her experience publicly, both to inspire other transgender people and help normalize the public’s perception of transgender individuals. Visit this link to read the full story.