Wynne Nowland of Bradley & Parker: How To Learn To Finally Love Yourself

December 08, 2021

Recently I, Wynne Nowland, had the pleasure of being interviewed by Authority Magazine on Learning How To Finally Love Yourself. The article does a wonderful job at sharing my experiences of how I grew into a leader, the challenges I faced with coming out, and more. The main points of the discussion were 5 strategies that I’ve implemented to maintain a connection with and love for myself. The first one is to identify your strengths and focus on making them stronger, and identify your weaknesses and try to correct them. This was actually on an old Honeymooners episode and it resonated with me when I first saw it as a child. It stuck with me ever since.

We also discussed why people struggle to love themselves as there are so many people who don’t like the way they look, why people tend to stay in mediocre relationships, why it’s important to self-reflect, and how many people don’t know how to be alone.

I think the last topic is something that a lot of people don’t think about until they’re a bit older. In my interview where I talk about how to be alone, I shared this: “With respect to relationships, so many people relationship up. They go from one to another without ever taking the time to be alone with themselves and self-reflective. And, unfortunately, I think that just leads to more relationship hopping. And even when in a secure relationship I think a long time is important. I think the ability to kind of entertain ourselves is crucial, whether that’s taking a run, watching a favorite TV show that you love that nobody else wants to tolerate, or losing yourself in a good book. All of those are good ways.”

To read the entire interview Wynne Nowland of Bradley & Parker: How To Learn To Finally Love Yourself and learn about my take on learning how to finally love yourself, check out the link!

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