CEO Wynne Nowland Interviewed Live on Mornings with Maria

September 22, 2020

Wynne Nowland, CEO of Bradley & Parker, talked with Maria Bartiromo of Mornings with Maria about how her life-changing transformation of switching genders sparked surprise, support and new challenges in the workplace. During the interview, Wynne discussed the feedback she has received from employees, clients and partners, as well as how Bradley & Parker has been able to grow the business by about 20% since her transition.

As Wynne shared, “Inside, I’m pretty much the same person I always was. I’m actually a little more comfortable now, given the fact that I’m not juggling two personalities. I’ve always been driven and, at the same time, an empathetic leader. I’m quite sure my transition and the years leading up to it helped me be more understanding of the differences between us all. I think too often in business there’s this notion that things like empathy and inclusivity are at odds with profits. But that really isn’t the case. In fact, I think the direct opposite is true.”

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