SVP Joe Sellitto Pens an Article on Self-Funded Plans for NonProfit PRO

September 08, 2021

Joe Sellitto, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefits at Bradley & Parker, penned an article for NonProfit PRO about the value of self-funded plans for nonprofits. As Joe shares in the piece, the conventional wisdom in today’s health insurance marketplace holds that nonprofits shouldn’t consider a self-funded health insurance model because cash flow concerns make such a plan too risky. This notion is false, however. Nonprofits that transition to a self-funded plan will usually see a small cost savings in the first year, but over a five-year period, the savings can often be 20-40%.

So, how can a nonprofit decide if a self-funded medical program is right for their organization? It starts by working with a knowledgeable health insurance consultant who can properly guide them. Visit the article to learn more.

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